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A few years back I bought a pair of boots with a rounded/almond toe and a thick, tapering heel, thinking I would wear them a few times (maybe) and they would end up in the back of my closet like most of the shoes I buy and don’t wear.  They turned out to be one of the most comfortable pair of footwear I own, including most of my flats and the pair of sneakers I own that rip apart the back of my heel (I realize that comparison doesn’t say much).  Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for shoes of a similar design, hoping they would be a comfortable, yet cute solution to the typical round-toe, chunky heeled shoe that so many people think are stereotypical to Librarians.  I mean please, give us a break, we’re on our feet a lot more than you think. In a season where Louboutins and Louboutin knockoffs are in style, a 4 or 5 inch+ narrow stiletto on a platformed foot, the Librarian or other professionals who actually have to stand while at work are at a disadvantage.  When I look at those shoes, the inherit uncomfortableness isn’t the only thing on my mind.  While they may put me at a slight advantage to reach the top shelf, my mind keeps envisioning scenarios where one of the heels snaps beneath my weight and I fall backwards, the stacks toppling over like dominoes a la that scene from The Mummy. Then, quite possibly, as I’m flailing around trying to get up, I will maim someone with the remaining stiletto because it exerts more pressure per square inch than an elephant.

These shoes are a kind alternative for the discerning Canadian (I tried to be faithful to what the average Canadian femme can order with a credit/debit card or find in store).  Most of them are less than $100 CAN because let’s face it, I didn’t take shoe budget into account when I made the decision between Librarian and Lawyer.  I based that decision off love and sheer enjoyment of the job. Silly me.

Anne Klein 'Enigma'Anne Klein ‘Enigma’

Cost: $59.

Colours: Black and Ivory.

Location: Overstock. Macy’s.

Discussion:The heel is a tad too high, and the slingbacks may be more uncomfortable than they look, but the colours and the bow are adorable. Anne Klein has a fantastic line of professional heels and flats that are kind to the budget. But are they kind to the tootsies?

Jessica Simpson 'Tamana'Jessica Simpson ‘Tamana’

Cost: $110.

Colours: Blue; Black; Sand.

Location: Sears (surprise!).

Discussion: I’ve been finding it difficult to find comfortable heels in bright, stylish colours. I was surprised to find a pair by Jessica Simpson, and even more surprised to find them at Sears.

Madden Girl 'Unifyy'Madden Girl ‘Unifyy’

Cost: $30.

Colours: Red; Black; Blush.

Location: Overstock. Macy’s.

Discussion: I’m leery of Madden Girl shoes, as I own a nice pair of kitten heels that treat my feet like they were 5 inch pumps – my feet slide forward and my toes get all scrunched up. I have a weakness for red-patent shoes, though, and the price and height of these is kind.

Kensie Girl 'Certainly Taupe So'Kensie Girl ‘Certainly Taupe So’

Cost: $60.

Colours: Taupe.

Location: ModCloth.

Discussion:These heels are higher than I first thought. I think I was distracted by the flower.

Aldo 'Carco'Aldo ‘Carco’

Cost: $55 (Clearance).

Colour: Black.

Location: Aldo.

Discussion: I love these shoes, from the heel to the bow detailing on the vamp. They’re understated, but still stylish and unique – the hint of Victorian theme strikes them as the perfect shoe for my personal affection for glam-goth styles.