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We’ve all seen them (and if you haven’t, you’re in for a treat). We’ve all lusted after the delicate designs, colourful bindings, and tiny little write-able pages. The idea of wearing a small book as an accessory appeals to me as 1. a librarian, 2. an aspiring author, 3. a fashionable woman. It seems to speak of who I am at my core, and the first time I saw one at a small craft-show in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I immediately knew I had to buy it.  I didn’t wear it often, as I was afraid I would spill food over it it would get wet in Halifax’s weather, but I should find it and start wearing it again.

The best resource for a Book Necklace is Etsy, as most of them are hand-crafted by artisans.  I have seen a few in mainstream fashion, but it is very rare.  However, if you consider the time, effort, and love put into each of these necklaces, they are more than worth their price in books (Cost Range: $15 – $65 CAN). Click on the image if you are interested in checking out more about the necklace.

Book Necklace Purple

Book Necklace Key/Lock

Book Necklace Harry Potter

Book Necklace Librarian

Book Necklace Steampunk

Book Necklace Bohemian

Book Necklace Stack