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I’ve always been a fan of the headband in theory, but in reality I find that firm headbands – those made with flexible-yet-supportive lining made of metal, plastic or cardboard – always hit the wrong part of my skull and give me headaches. Does this happen to anyone else or do I just have a weird-shaped head? Regardless, I have been using headbands more recently. They make for a good solution for those days where I just can’t get my bangs to hang right, or for days where I don’t want hair in my face at all. Some days I even leave my bangs in place and place the headband behind them to frame the cut. Amazing. Unprecedented. I know, I’m a rebel like that.

The headband isn’t just for little girls anymore, with more and more women using them as an accessory for both work and play. Part of this popularity can be attributed to television characters like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, but part is just the convenience and functionality of having one on hand, much like an elastic for an impromptu ponytail.

This ode is not nearly as catchy as Rachel’s original song for Glee, but it does have links to the sources, which is just as important to the busy professional woman.  This season, don’t be afraid to make your headband the focal point of your outfit! Bold prints, oversized embellishments, and fascinator-inspired adornments are in, and they can range from eye-catching to outlandish.

[Don’t worry, the Deely Bobber probably won’t make it back in style this season, but keep an eye out in 2012!]

Ricki's mini rosette

This headband from Ricki’s has mini-rosette detailing, but at $12.50 is a bit pricey.  I think you’ll enjoy the elegance of the black rosettes.

Claire's Professional Headband

Claire’s is a good resource for accessories, and with a little searching, you can find options that aren’t just for teenagers.  This youthful houndstooth with buckle headband compliments the professional librarian in all of us and is only $7.25.

Aldo animal print puffs headband

The animal print tulle adornments in this headband may not be for everyone, but the neutral blush and beige colours, as well as animal prints, are one of the staples of Fall 2011.  You’ll find that paired with a matching purse or pair of shoes, this headband could transform an ordinary outfit into one on the line of fashion. $10 at Aldo.

Aldo 3 animal prints

For those of you not interested in wearing tulle puffs, this set of three animal print headbands is a great compromise.  You’ll still feel like you’re taking a risk with the animal prints, but no one will mistake them for a squirrel on your head.  At $10 for all three, Aldo knows that sometimes less is more.

Aldo animal fascinator

Aldo also knows that sometimes more is more, and for those of us who are fashion divas and mavericks, sometimes we want to make an impact.  This fascinator-inspired headband does just that.  The animal print is very much in style, in a colour that is just a shade away from being found in nature.  The black flower adornments and meshing make this $25 headband a fantastic choice for a labour-day weekend party, or a funeral.  I would pair it with a pair of kid-gloves for a fashion throwback that is sure to attract attention.

Modcloth headwrap

If this headwrap is making you think about the 70s, don’t be alarmed! There are a number of headbands in style this season that are very psychedelic in nature.  I chose this one to represent the style because the soft pink/gold flecked lace is incredibly lovely, delicate and elegant (and I really kind of dislike really bright tied-died things – it’s a bias, I know).  This is $20 at ModCloth, but you can find similar retro styles at most of the stores mentioned above.

Professionally, I think a headband could be incredibly useful for working on the reference desk, where the constant head-movements could make hair an annoyance.  They’re also a great way to show off your sense of style when the person on the other side of the desk can only see you from shoulders up.

What do you think, headband or no headband?