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It isn’t much of a secret that I’m not the biggest music fan, a fact that stymies my best friends and perfect strangers alike.  I don’t believe that music taste can tell me everything there is to know about a person, because I personally don’t have any music taste – I would rather listen to silence.  Probably, I just don’t want to learn what that says about me.  I imagine it’s something like: does not like music = does not have soul.  So while I’m a soulless automaton, I am going to point out I just came across a Regina-based “power-pop” band named Library Voices, and they’re releasing their second LP: Summer of Lust available August 23rd.  Yes, I am recommending based on “Library” being in their name and the fact that the 4th song on the LP is entitled Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers. Do I need any more reason than that?

To find out more on , including sneak peaks of the songs, check out the Ampersand Record Club article.

For those of you far more hip than I (who haven’t deleted their Myspace page due to neglect and years of disuse), you can find more information on the Library Lust Myspace.  I won’t be giving a review of their music since I consider myself unqualified, but you can certainly listen to featured songs on the playlist there.  There is also some information available on their website and Wikipedia.