About Me

Dear Readers,

So you’re interested enough about who I am to click into the “About Me” page. I don’t know what you hope to find here, but I hope I can be a faithful guide throughout this section – there is no one more qualified.  At least I hope not! I am a professional librarian (currently looking for a library to call my own), graduate of Dalhousie’s School of Information Management. I am interested in public librarianship and emergent technologies, so you might be reading my blog because you followed a link on those subjects.  I am also a huge supporter of Young Adult literature, and I’m an aspiring author of my own YA novel.  Did you find me because of a book review? An article recommendation?

If not, then you’re probably here for the fashion/home decor aspect of my blog.  Stay a while, explore my tag clouds, leave comments, recommendations or suggestions.

My favourite topics include:

  • Libraries
  • Social Media
  • Fashion
  • Incredibly pretty home decor
    • Usually with the colours white, purple, or crimson
    • Ruffles and damask are weakness of mine
    • I also love chandeliers
  • Chocolate

Thank you for your interest.  I hope you leave feeling inspired, with a smile on your face.


Charlotte Anderson


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